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Professional. Courteous. Responsive. Independent.

We realize that in addition to our financial management experience, independent advice and investment resources, the foundation of striving to build client trust is pursued in on-going personalized service and responsiveness.


DISCOVERY: We first focus on you by taking an in-depth look at your life/career situation and listen to what you envision for your future. We learn the story of your assets and your feelings toward risk. And, perhaps most importantly, we come to know your family dynamics and your view of the legacy you wish to build.

EXECUTION: Based on the results of your discovery, we research and create a tailor-made investment portfolio of both investment and insurance products designed around your specific return requirements and risk tolerances while staying focused on after-tax returns. We do this while at the same time allowing you to choose from either a fee-based or commission-based strategy. You enjoy a dynamic investment portfolio design and management, asset preservation and tax efficiencies.

EVALUATION: We perform consistent reviews of our performance relative to benchmarks, as well as your current financial situation, to determine whether your investment plan is on track to generate the returns you seek. Our relationship based approach to financial planning, as opposed to a product based approach, makes DFIS uniquely positioned to make as-needed adjustments to your portfolio for any life changes that may occur along the way.

LPL Financial, an independent broker/dealer, provides our financial consultants with access to the tools, regulatory guidance and resources to serve your unique financial needs.